Life coaching for people who lead.
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Do You Need Coaching?

• You know you are destined for an amazing, beautiful, abundant life… but you are just not sure about the steps to take to call it in?

• You are so good at leading others and know it is important if you want to get from where you are to where you want to go… but your actions towards your vision are not aligned with your goals?

• You are ready for gaining clarity in your life and fed up with feeling uncertain and unsettled about the future?

• You want to level up in your life (and career) and let go of those old beliefs, doubts & worries that are holding you back from moving forward?

• You are done with feeling the overwhelm, stress & anxiety and are ready to lean into the ease and support from an expert in the field?


One of 88 Professional Certified Coaches (ICF) in Germany.

What I Can Help You With





My Approach to Coaching

There is no standard coaching template.
You & your business are the agenda and you are the approach.
It’s quite simple.
I have no coaching approach. Transformation is the only objective.
Together, we work on your professional & personal development with proven techniques & methods.


1:1 Private Life & Leadership Coaching

1x90min Discovery Session

9x45min Coaching Sessions

Timeframe: Initially 3 Months

Corporate Leadership Coaching

Team 5-10 Leaders

1x90min Strategic Planning & Goal Setting Meeting

3x60min Group Coaching Sessions

6x45min Coaching Sessions (per leader)

Timeframe: 3-6 Months


Corporate Coaching Management

50-100 Employees

Individual & Group Sessions

1 Year + Contract

Maximise your impact…

and learn how to let go of procrastination & overthinking so you can and take action unapologetically.

Gain confidence…

and learn how to let go of the self-deception and fears about showing up fully & authentically so you can lead powerfully from the inside out.

Gain confidence…

and learn how to let go of the self-deception and fears about showing up fully & authentically so you can lead powerfully from the inside out.

Ditch difficulties…

with self-sabotage, managing expectations and expressing your potential so you can achieve better results and increase your performance.

Your Application


1. Application

Step 1:
Submit your application form.


2. Approval

Step 2:
Once we check your application, you will receive a call from us.


3. Agreement

Step 3:
If everything aligns, we will agree on the coaching process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life/Leadership coaching?

Coaching is a partnership. Together, you and I will go on this journey of growth, change and challenges. We will explore empowering conversation by asking quality questions in order to discover your inner strengths & resources. Coaching is an opportunity to inspire people like yourself to show up fully & authentically. 

Coaching is outcome focussed.

What is Leadership coaching not?

Managing which is supervising people to work towards company vision, goals and performance indicators. 


Training which is skill-based, educating people in theory and practise in a specific field.


Counselling/Psychotherapy which is focusing on unravelling the stressors of past events to develop new outcomes and new responses to your experience.


Consulting which is the hire of a specialist to come up with solutions and action plans to specific issues/problems within an organisation.


Advising which is to give counsel to; offer an opinion or suggestion as to the worth of following a specific course of events.

What makes Coaching Concept different?

Everything I used to overcome massive challenges, uncertainty & unexpected life events, to how I was able to successfully lead 40+ people,  build a profitable business, travel the world, have the financial freedom to do so and impact others to make a positive change in their lives… 

This isn’t just a bunch of information you’ve heard about the “idea” of professional leadership, this is a step by step proven method to integrate into your life.

This is your long term roadmap to success if you are in any type of leadership role.

I’m busy and not sure if this is the right time for me…?

The fact that you are reading this, means it’s the right time.

Trust me when I say, EVERYTHING happens in the right timing and you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t meant for my services. All you ever have is the NOW and any fear that pops up is a sign that you are about to uplevel massively in your life.